the 'Planning Community' was founded to deliver three services to support resource planning within contact centres.


facilitating a free virtual community working on the principle 'together is better' supported by contact centre planning experts.


consultancy services where you need that push along or support to achieve you goals. specialised training and coaching is also available to help you business  develop along the way.


contact centre planning software developed to your specific needs.

Colin Field - Founder


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Mon 29 April 2013

'the Planning Community ltd' new site launched

Tue 9 Apr 2013

First day with new client providing consultancy services

the Planning Community ltd aims to provide free services where possible and if you are a charity or a 'not for profit' organisation please get in touch and we will try to help. we are also committed to giving back to the open source community and will seek to use open source software with our clients and contribute.


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